Fostering Community

Dustin will be your voice on City Council. As a UCLA graduate with a Master's in Public Policy and a Transportation Planner for CalTrans, Dustin will foster community and economic development that betters the lives of all Redlands residents.


Local small businesses create a sense of community and opportunity by offering employment, gathering spaces and economic opportunity. I will propose efficient solutions that utilize the current infrastructure systems in place to reduce development costs and bring in more revenue for the City. These solutions include:

  • Promoting the development of neighborhood specialty markets, co-operatives and corner stores.
  • Nurturing the local creative class by pursuing co-work office space.
  • Proposing a hire local program on new construction projects.
  • Permitting food trucks to operate within the City.

Community is the force which binds a City together and creates an environment that is welcoming, nurturing, and exciting. Redlands’ early planners understood the importance of community space and walkability, which has been influential in ensuring that the power of community in Redlands is unrivaled in the Inland Empire. Development projects, whether adaptive reuse or new, must recognize the important aspects that have made Redlands a success, which includes:

  • Incorporating mixed land uses in community design.
  • Expanding local transit service following historic streetcar routes.
  • Overseeing the development of new communities at future train stations.
  • Recognizing the aesthetic and environmental benefits of Redlands’ street trees.

No other candidate will work as hard as Dustin to make Redlands the safest place to walk and bike in Southern California. Dustin has considerable professional experience in proposing, planning and securing funding for projects that benefit cyclists, pedestrians, and those with disabilities. He will do this by researching the history of traffic collisions in the City and proposing innovative solutions to reduce them. These solutions will include:

  • Prioritizing the development of safe routes to school.
  • Fixing sidewalks to cater to the needs of the elderly and disabled.
  • Completing and expanding the local and regional bicycle trail system.
  • Pursuing the aggressive implementation of the City of Redlands’ Bike Plan to make the next big jump in bicycle infrastructure Downtown and in underserved areas of the City.
  • Bringing Open Streets events to the City of Redlands.
  • Coordinating with the school district to adopt the safest bicycle safety courses.

We must begin to make the necessary strides in solving issues of crime and homelessness today to ensure these issues don’t worsen tomorrow. Our campaign will bring a focus to success stories from around the United States of America that have reduced the costs and stigma of homelessness and crime. We must analyze the reasons people become homeless- which includes mental illness, addiction, and criminal backgrounds, among other reasons- to ensure we can integrate them back into the community. This is truly a crisis due to the fact that many of our community’s homeless are Veterans. Dustin will propose solutions which include:

  • Providing city beautification jobs to the local homeless.
  • Leveraging regional opportunities to create a county-wide housing first program.
  • Working with local nonprofit organizations to feed and clothe the homeless while connecting them to the health and education services they require.

All City of Redlands residents can attest to the City’s communal charm and natural beauty. In order to protect and build upon Redlands’ successful quality of life, we need to expand on plans to conserve energy, water, food and land. As City Councilman, I will spearhead an effort to hire a local Environmental Advocate who will focus on the following issues:

  • Accelerate and promote energy efficiency, energy conservation, solar and other renewable energy technologies to reduce the use of nonrenewable resources.
  • Update ordinances to Increase Use of Recycled Water for landscape irrigation and and establish incentives to plant native or drought-tolerant plantings for all private and public projects.
  • Promote Locally Grown Foods by expanding the community garden program.
  • Create Opportunities to Recycle More Materials and Establish a city-wide composting bin.
  • Explore a private-public venture for biomass-to-energy program at the City landfill.
  • Ensure the preservation of open space and agricultural land.

Children and students from K-College are our most precious community resource. They will one day own homes in Redlands, have jobs in Redlands, and support and open local businesses. Engaging them in the community to ensure every child has a seat at the table today will ensure city-wide success tomorrow. We will take the following steps to engage our youth:

  • Ensuring children and students are represented at public meetings.
  • Free library access for all children in the City of Redlands.
  • Programming after-school activities such as biking and hiking.
  • Expanding local intern opportunities to University of Redlands students.
  • Creating social media pages to enhance youth access to City services.

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